Martina specializes exclusively in delivering top-quality English > German translation services for a variety of clients across the life sciences and technology. Martina partners with direct clients, top-tier agencies dedicated to delivering quality with reliability, as well as other ATA certified translators.


A good translation begins with a good source text, ideally written with translation in mind. Since 1998, Martina has delivered top-quality German translations for her subject matter expertise: the environmental and agricultural industry. She has cultivated an approach suitable for a range of materials, from patents to technical documentation and beyond. With the Four Pillars of Translation as the foundation for each project, her translations read like professional native language texts.

Pricing for translation projects is largely based on word count. Other factors include file format, difficulty of text, deadline, and source text quality. Translation rates do not include editing by a second professional translator, which is considered industry standard for any high-quality translation. If you are interested in having a second translator edit your project, please let us know.


Editing by a second professional translator is considered industry standard for any high-quality translation.

For professionals and academics in the environmental and agricultural industry, Martina offers a top-tier editing service to deliver professionalism and consistency of English materials translated to German. Martina checks the German translation against the source text to ensure the original translator used an appropriate style, found the right balance between conveying the precise meaning and providing an easy to read translation, and took the time to research specialized terminology. If during the editing process she discovers that the translation is inconsistent, she may recommend considering it a translation project.

After reviewing the source and target material, Martina will provide a quote for editing or proofreading.


Highly specialized translation requires an expert eye. In the case of standardized and regulated English > German environmental or agricultural materials, Martina Burkert offers Subject Matter Expert Review.  Martina’s definitive area of expertise for Subject Matter Expert Review is Material Safety Data Sheets for Germany, strictly adhering to relevant and up-to-date EU regulations.

Subject Matter Expert Review projects are billed based on the specifications of the project.

Martina only offers project quotes after seeing the relevant materials. She adheres to the strictest code of confidentiality for all clients and projects. Please contact Martina for more information. All translation inquiries will be handled as promptly as possible.


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