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Martina Burkert is dedicated to providing top-quality English > German translations that read like professional native language documents. To deliver this with consistency and precision, Martina relies on the Four Pillars of Translation:

  • Master Craftsmanship
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Target Language Aptitude
  • Source Language Proficiency
Master Craftsmanship

Master craftsmanship means the ability to adeptly wield the art of one’s craft. For a highly specialized translator like Martina, this means using human intelligence to accurately capture terminology, context, tone, and usage, as well as employing standard industry tools to enable precision and consistency throughout the text.

While it takes human experience to ensure accuracy of tone and style, accuracy of specialized terminology can require meticulous research. Martina employs subject-specific dictionaries, glossaries, bi-lingual resources, and other public multi-lingual materials to ensure your translations read like professional native language documents.

Subject Matter Expertise

A professional translator must understand the content, concept, and context of a document in order to deliver a reliable translation. Martina’s subject matter expertise comes from a lifetime dedicated to the environmental and agricultural sciences. She holds the equivalent of a Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Management from Justus Liebig University in Giessen, Germany.

Her work experience spans agricultural management, consulting on sustainable use of renewable resources, and waste management. Martina maintains relevant subject matter expertise through on-going professional involvement with the environmental and agricultural industry, flexing her know-how toward sustainable living on her acreage in Northern California, as well as co-managing a CCOF certified organic orchard.

Target Language Aptitude

Born and raised in Germany, Martina was surrounded by language teachers from early childhood. Her academic study of language included German, English, French, and Latin, imparting to her an ability for precision in grammar and analyzing complex sentence structures.

Moving to United States deepened her valuation for the German language and she continued her study of German literature and language. In 2003, Martina passed the American Translators Association certification exam for English to German translation.

Source Language Proficiency

When translating highly specialized texts, capturing all nuances requires near native level mastery of the source language. Having begun her study of English as a child, Martina has lived and worked in the United States since 1987.

By actively improving her English language skills, she has achieved full professional proficiency. In addition, her technical training facilitates deep understanding of scientific and engineering texts.

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