German Lifescience Translation

Martina Burkert


Martina Burkert is a highly-specialized translator providing English > German translation services for the environmental and agricultural industry. In addition to her niche, she enjoys working with materials pertaining to other sciences and technology. She has spent over 20 years mastering her craft and a lifetime dedicated to the life sciences.

Areas of specialization offered


Professional translators rely on expert skills to deliver top-tier translations. Martina calls these the Four Pillars of Translation:

Master Craftsmanship

Subject Matter Expertise

Target Language Aptitude

Source Language Proficiency

What do The Four Pillars of Translation mean for you?


Translations written by a subject matter expert, ensuring high-level accuracy.

Expertly crafted translations that read like professional native language texts.

Timely turn around so translations arrive when you need them.

Which translation services does Martina offer?

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